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    ~    ABOUT  Me   ~

    ~   My First Shop ~

      ~  Spring 1997 ~

  I started as "Memory Maker", October 1988

 I purchased an historic house in 1992 and created a full service gift shop, that then became a full service florist when the local flower shop owner retired, and sold me her local flower business. 

My shop was located in a small town in central Illinois - a mid-western town full of kind, and warmhearted people.  We were located one block from Main Street, in fact, you could see the beautiful courthouse and town square north-east from our shop.  It seemed like a town out of a storybook.  We filled each room with different home decor styles and gifts.  

The townspeople supported us, and with God's grace we grew each year.  It was hard leaving the 'shop', and moving to the Western suburbs of Chicago.  In fact I missed it so much, that I decided to bring the 'shop' to you via the Internet. 

I hope you enjoy this website, my "shop", and web boutique.  Please come back often, as products are continually changing.

         Nancy, " Nan " Brewer,  ...  blessingsdaily@hotmail.com 

         Shipping Questions, and Custom Service  ...  donbrewer1@comcast.net